Tuesday, August 10, 2010

100 Blessings

Hello again,

Today I bring you a blog-wide activity that I've decided to commit to. Over the course of one month, I will post 25 of my blessings once a week. (Feel free to join the party and blog your blessings!)

We all need a reminder of what's good in our lives, don't we?

1. I have a family...
2. ...and they love me!
3. God saved me
4. I have friends who will make me brownies for my birthday
5. there's color in this world
6. I can write
7. elephants exist (if they didn't, what would I ever do?)
8. I can say I'm hungry and really only be craving a reese's peanut butter cup
9. I live in a cute little neighborhood...
10. ...with lots of dogs to walk ($$$)
11. our house has a.c.
12. I've flown in an airplane
13. my cell still works, even after taking a dip in the toilet
14. I have this blog
15. life has little surprises
16. I have an amazing camera...
17. ...and I know how to use it
18. love always finds its way
19. I know 'home' is always an option
20. my thumb doesn't have a big black-and-blue spot on it after accidentally smashing it with a hammer
21. I have my own room...
22. ...it has carpet!
23. health is important in my family
24. thunderstorms make great writing-weather
25. I have a best friend who I can cry/laugh/sing/embarrass my self with :)

25 more to come, next week!

(Thanks HorseFeathers for the idea and banner!)

1 comment:

  1. loved reading your blessings! i'm blessed to have an amazing camera too :)