Sunday, August 22, 2010

100 Blessings (Part 2)

It has been too long, my friends. Has it really been 12 days?! {Very sorry to those who check my blog daily.} :(

Anyway, on a new {happier} note, my second entry of 100 blessings barely meets the requirements of once-a-week entry. {In my book, Sunday ends the week :)}
So here goes my next 25!

26. within the last week, I've gained 2 followers!
27. my neighbor got an adorable, scrumptious, little puppy for me to play with {blog entry to follow!}
28. I have sparkly, gold nail polish to glam up every nail
29. Taylor Swift is coming out with a new album {I can't wait!!!}
30. my daddy lives 2 minutes away from me!
31. I'm gonna be tall
32. I can find vintage tiaras and reese's tin boxes at flea markets {also an entry to follow}
33. the world of literacy it plentiful
34. my best friend is absolutly a-ma-zing :)
35. me and my family don't live in Louisiana {that's where the gators live - eek!}
36. I have several blogs I look forward to reading every morning :)
37. the Twins rock {don't argue - the baseball team is ahead by 5 games in the American league.}
38. happy thoughts make happy days
39. I can throw a softball
40. I was raised by the power of love
41. sleepovers are the best with friends
42. I have a roof
43. hoodies are uber cozy
44. I have an obbsessive amount of elephants
45. I haven't been stung by a bee in a looonnnggg time :)
46. a comfy bed awaits me...
47. ...along with good dreams
48. I am loved
49. my typing skills are beast :)
50. and I have you!

Later guys!


  1. You made my day!! And as for #48: Yes, you are. A lot. : )

  2. That is such a cheerful list! Thanks for that uplifting perspective. And yes, as witness to #39, you can.