Friday, August 6, 2010

Something New

I have a new obsession.

No, it's not shopping, or organization, or even chocolate. (Although I've had all three at one point or another.) It's yard work. Yes, I said yard work. Now, you may be thinking, why on earth would anyone at age 14 have an obsession with yard work? I understand. Because I'm sure I wouldn't have known the answer to that myself only 4 weeks ago.

Maybe it's because it's summer. Or maybe it's the amount of hours I spend jumping, walking, biking outside. But I think the reason for my newly found 'escape hobby' (that's what I call 'I have got to get out of this house and away from these people right. now.') is God.

He's the one who really planted, and watered, and cared for the grass. He is the God to painted the flowers, and grew the squash. Heck, He even put those pesky, prickly weeds all over the yard.

And I guess I am just beginning to realize that. And the beauty of it all.

So, here's to beauty.

The family garden. Rhubarb, basil, sage, squash, zucchini... Is there much else to say?

These are my new favorite flowers! So lively, yet so simple.

And did you know we are raising a tree? Our very own, helicopter-seed, 4-and-a-half-inch-tall tree! Isn't it so cute...

Lighting here isn't so great...

My rose! It used to have a gazillion blossoms on it. But then they wilted. And now it's August. This flower doesn't like August too much. (Did you know that the rose is actually called 'Giggles'? I know, right!)

Our little, baby squash! Yummy!

And, lastly, our zucchini. It's there--just hidden in the shadows.

What's your obsession?


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