Saturday, September 3, 2011

keep portland weird (to the northwest part 1)

A couple weeks ago my family and I left for Oregon. A ten-day trip that would be spent in a number of places, starting in Portland. We visited friends, family, dogs, cats, beaches, peaches, and so much more - I barely caught it all in 2,000 photos.

left: rockies // right: mt. hood
I am a city girl. I love tall buildings, one-way streets with an added lane for bikers, quirky shops and quirky people, and especially the way all those buildings light up in the night sky. So Portland was just my place - one of my favorites, in fact. The sidewalks are always busy and bikes are locked to every street sign, tree, and bike rack. 
The city is filled with old and new, small and large, vintage and modern - shops of every kind. One of which is Powell's book store. Undoubtedly the largest bookstore in america. It's four stories high and one block wide. That piece of paper I'm holding in my hand? - that's the map to the place. I mean, what bookstore doesn't need a map?
I was sad to say good bye after a well-spent 2 days, but Portland is not a place I can visit just once. I'll be back, someday. Maybe I'll even spend a few years of my college life there... Just a thought.

More to come!


  1. beautiful pictures! the first ones are SO pretty. I hope I can get to portland sometime! :)

  2. these pictures are pretty!♥
    love the one in the library! :)

  3. I love big cities too! Looks exciting :) Nice photos (I really like the third one)!