Monday, September 5, 2011

autumn whispers

Yesterday the air was chilled to a mere sixty seven. The blue sky was crisp and vivid. And the sun cast a trace of golden light through my window and onto my wooden floors.

Even though the trees still hold their lush, green leaves, the breeze whispered otherwise. It spoke of apple orchards, and chunky-knit sweaters. Of pumpkin pie, and halloween. Colorful leaf piles, and hay rides. The breeze, that felt so cool on my warm, tender skin, murmured moments of autumn into my ear.
The thought of a new season excites me. So much it will bring. It's september. Summer is already sneaking out the back door. Out of mind for the next nine months.
Tomorrow I enter a new way of life - one with over sized sweatshirts and mounds of homework. School will start and my days will be filled with learning. This is it. The last shebang. I had a wonderful summer, and I hope you did too.

ta ta for now,
charming elephant


  1. the peaches look divine right now... ♥

  2. Ah yes.
    The oversized sweaters, studying and everything academic.

    I completely understand :]
    Like the list!