Wednesday, July 6, 2011

independence day

The beach (ahem, man-made pond) was packed on the hot, summer day. July 4th. It was filled with people who neither had a cabin nor an in-ground pool to relax in - and that included us. I spent the day with a friend of my mother's and her adorable little son, not to mention my own kin. 

All four hours were filled with splashes, laughs, snacks, and sunburns.
 And although the 'beach' wasn't more than a 100 yards wide all around, I managed to find a spot where I couldn't touch. That's rare.

 Later that night, we parted ways and the three of us moved on to fireworks. Gotta have that. We arrived an hour early and still barely found a spot, but we settled in and waited.
 Then, when the sun was more-than-set and the sky was dark, the first one erupted no more that 200 feet away. And this was our view.
Right behind the trees.

Oh well, it as all fun in the end. It was one of the best shows I've seen.

I hope you had a wonderful fourth!

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  1. that firework picture is awesome! i'm sure you weren't quite as excited to watch the whole show like that but it looks really cool!