Thursday, June 30, 2011

summer reading

I could not be more inspired by Anthropologie. I mean, no-brainer their styles are mouth-wateringly delicious. And, have you seen their stores? But, seriously, any photographer who is a photographer would gape at these creative, totally original, and beyond beautiful photographs in their catalogs. 
Seriously. There's not been but one issue that's failed to impress me. 
Today I fell in love with this theme (summer classics) and couldn't stop myself from testing it out.
 I only wish I could model their threads at the same time...


  1. i love the summer classics at Anthropologie. It made me want to dress up more, and stop wearing running shorts and t-shirts.

  2. Your blog is the epitome of loveliness. I definitely agree with what you said about Anthropologie. I could swoon over their pretty things all day long. Thank-you for the sweet comment on my blog, dear! :)

  3. Great photos -- I love their old-timey feel. :) Summer reading is the best. And Anthropologie is awesome.