Monday, June 13, 2011

computer problems, photos, and such

 hello dearies!

I've been planning this post since the morning I woke up, June 9th - my first day of summer. I spent all day filming a little montouge for you, showing just how excited I was to be out of school. I got shots of me running across my yard barefoot; showing of my new vintage camera; and even attempting to do a cartwheel (which, was about a good as a 5-year-old's). But, I am very dissapointed to say that my computer is currently running on 4 kilobits of memory, which is about the size of a single email, and as a result of this iMovie is acting up, internet is slowing down, and just about anything else that requires a click of the mouse, well, isn't working. (Luckily I was able to, at the very least, write you this depressing post.)

But don't worry, friends, we are working on backing up the entire computer to a hard drive, and starting completely fresh. (Ahh... that'll be nice.) I will have that video posted, even if it's the last day of summer.


Now, seeing as I never even bother to look at a post if it doesn't include some sort of picture, video, or illustration (I know, it's terrible), here are a few photos (including the beautiful, young lady from Write. Sing. Coffee.).

hope you are enjoying your summer!
charming elephant


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