Saturday, January 15, 2011

Operation Beautiful: January 2011

I realize this is a few days late.

Okay, a lot of days late. But if you've read my last post, you know I have been over the top stressed with life. So maybe you could cut me some slack?

Thanks. :)

Anyway, I did this O.B. a few weeks ago at Barnes and Noble, and thought clever enough to stick my note in a 'beauty' book: Seventeen's 500 Style Tips. It's a little fashion book that I've seen sitting in the same spot in that store for the past year and a half. So, I figured, it was waiting for the perfect person to come pick it up, and when she did (assuming it's a girl), she'd be blessed by Operation Beautiful.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, 'I'm too fat' or 'I'm too skinny' or 'My nose is too bony'. Unfortunately, I think we all have. And when we notice those things, we tend to notice every. other. thing. With what started as an 'I'm too fat' day, turned out to be a 'I'm too fat and my clothes don't match and pencils make an annoying squeaksqueak noises like they never have before' day. On those days, it seems nothing in the world could make us feel skinny again.

Ah, but yes, there is a cure! And it's Operation Beautiful--the post-it note life-changer.
Post your own O.B. on your blog and then link up over here -- you have until January 31 11:59 CST to do it. Don't forget to look at others'!


  1. This is such a cool idea. I just checked out the site and I must say I am impressed...with the post and your lovely blog! Thanks for posting about the OB post it notes. :)

    Blessings to you,
    Sarah E.

  2. I love this idea- I'll have to try it sometime! Maybe in the bathroom at my co-op. Just one question: why do you put "" on the note when there is no such website? I wish there was, though!

    In Christ,

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  4. I think you all should try it! It's a great feeling when you know something so small can make such a big impact on someone's life!

    Iarkin- Thanks so much for telling me! I totally didn't notice it wasn't a [dot]com site. I'll change that on future notes. :)