Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cue the horror music...

...because finals are right around the corner! And you know what that means--it's time to bring out the flash cards and start studying. But don't fret--I'm here to help you ace that biology test! Here are a few tips to get you through the week.

1. Read through the material, then go back and read it again, while highlighting key ideas, words, or dates. When you read through it once more, pay attention to these items.

2. Start studying a few days before so you can cover all the material by Finals day. I'm starting Monday, reviewing a few subjects each day, before Thursday.

3. Study with a friend. (It's okay, as long as you're really working.)

4. If the teachers don't give it to you, ask what's going to be on the test. It can cut down on lots of time and stress to know that all you're testing on is unit 2.

5. Look back at previous tests and note what you struggled on. (If you're up for it, clear the answers and re-take the test.)

6. If you know there will be material on a book you read in class, make a bubble map of key points, people, and terms.

7. Your brain is most open to learning before bed, so review a few points you just can't seem to remember before mom says lights out. But don't overdo it, you don't want to wake up on your history book.

8. Pamper yourself the night before the test. Studying is a lot of work (don't we all know it!), so take some time to relax and reward yourself for all the hard work. Do a facial steaming. Paint your nails. Bake some cookies. Make yourself feel good. And go to sleep satisfied and ready for finals day.

9. Speaking of sleep, get some. Try to get at least 8 hours, but a little more than that would start your day of great!

10. Another way to keep the spring in your step the day of finals is to eat right. Here are 11 great foods to eat before a test:

• Fish
• Turkey Breast
• Skim milk
• Low-fat yogurt
• Lean beef
• Nuts, especially peanuts
• Broccoli
• Apples
• Pears
• Peaches
• Grapes
• and most of all... WATER!

11. On the day of the test, wear comfortable clothes so that you can focus on answers, not how your jeans are giving you wedgies. (Eeek!)

12. Imagine yourself riding the bus home on the last day of finals and how great you will feel. (I'm having a 'yay--finals are over!' sleepover that night to celebrate!)

13. Try to have fun! I know tests are stressful, especially when that's all you have for 2 days straight, but keep a positive attitude and you will get through the tests. I promise.


Now on a subject a little more exciting, here are a few pictures of mine...

my entry for pastor's girl's ponderings photo challenge
my entry for the sunday creative

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  1. great photos c.h.
    hehehe i like that
    im gonna call you 'ch' from now on

    ok....what i really was going to say was great photos!! you most indeffinitly have the critical eye that helps make you a great photographer. this may sound a little stange but i like your mom's style. it's very unique and reminds me of you :D
    ok, well this is getting long for a comment.....keep up the great blog and fantastic photographs!!!!!