Saturday, November 13, 2010

Winter Wonderland and Month 3 of Operation Beautiful

This morning I woke up and saw this:
It kind of felt like a punch in the gut. I mean, really, who wants it to snow 2 weeks after Halloween? But I must admit, it was beautiful.
Also, I bring you month 3 of Operation Beautiful! November is bonus month, too, because this month I did two. I know, extra special. :) This one I stuck in 'The Odyssey' just as I was returning it to the library. (If you haven't read the epic poem, do, because it really is classic.)

Starting next month, I will post an Operation Beautiful on the 1st of each month. I've had many comments regarding the short amount of time to participate. Be sure to link up soon!


  1. charming elephant!!!! hehe i <3 calling you that :D
    The linky only asked me for a caption...there was no place to enter the link for the picture!!
    I told you I wouldn't be able to do this......

  2. I'm so SORRY everyone! I was totally doing the wrong type of linky. Instead of 'thumbnail' (which I was supposed to be using), I did 'picture caption'. Silly me. From now on, I PROMISE you will be at ease with this Operation Beautiful thing. :D

  3. By the way, Olivia, you can just link up to the December one, which is going up today!