Friday, November 5, 2010

life's little gifts

Yesterday I had a Reese's.

For the first 10 seconds it looked like this:

then this:

Then this:

Oh, how I love chocolate.

Just a reminder that another month of Operation Beautiful is coming up, soon. Make sure to link up when the time comes around, and enjoy your weekend!

'till next time,
Charming Elephant


  1. I had one of those the other day. . . *sighs deeply with pleasure* It was beyond delicious.

    I love the color in your photos. :)

  2. hehe
    of course, a post about Reese's
    this reminds me of lunch

  3. hahaha ^-^

    Love Reese's.

    And I love your blog!!!! it's one of the neatest things ^-^

  4. Omigosh. You're making me want a Reese's right now.=D Seriously, that's most beautiful photo I've seen all day. XD XD