Friday, September 24, 2010

Operation Beautiful: September

Hello lovely followers! Very sorry about the delay, I've realized that the days just aren't long enough for 7 hours of school, 2 hours of homework, and whatever other necessary doings I have going on. Yup, this means I'm totally drained on sleep.

Anyway, on the topic of something a little more satisfying... I'm here with the first ever entry of Operation Beautiful! You'd be amazed at how long I've been planning this out, well, only if one week counts. :D

A couple nights ago, right after my last post, I took out a pad of lime-green post-it notes and began to brainstorm the perfect OpBe (can I call it that? It's much shorter and OB was already taken... :D) message. I came up with this: YOU are BEAUTIFUL because you are you! Never forget that!

There were a couple of attempts to sticking it on the school bathroom mirror, but things like sleep, bells, and stupid lockers got in the way. Yes. So this morning I hurried off the bus and ran to the bathroom, the whole way scheming a glorious plan. It consisted of this:

1. Grab a stall and pretend to, well, you know...
2. Listen for anyone else in bathroom
3. Wait for the 3 loud ones who just walked in to get out
4. Still waiting...
5. Okay, it's been too long, just stick it on the inside of the stall and snap the picture
6. Now hurry out before someone sees the stall you were just in

Mission. Accomplished. Yay!

Do you want to see it?

Excuse the blurriness, I took this with my phone. :D

That's all for now! Don't forget to link up, it will be open for the rest of the month, which is coming up. Soon!


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