Monday, September 6, 2010

At the Fair...

Yesterday, mother, brother, and I, went to the fair. Being, probably, one of the last exciting adventures together, we wanted to make it fantastical. A big BANG to end the dog days of summer. And it started off in an abandoned parking lot...

Well, not so abandoned any more--at least, for the moment. You see, fair parking stretches out for miles. And this lot just happened to be a favorite. It. Was. Packed.

But don't worry. We found a spot. And soon we were on the bus to the fair. Eeek!

The line for tickets was, eh, too long. In other words, it was gonna be crowded.

(This picture makes me laugh. The guy in the stripes just happened to turn around right as I snapped the photo. :D)

Our family has a little tradition going that we like to call 'free stuff'. Every year at the fair, we scan the entire commercial building for pencils, fans on a stick, rubber bracelets--anything that is open to the taking and displayed in a plastic bowl. As you can see, this place was also packed....

Next we did something I'm sorry to say we never have before. The building of Art. For sale, and not for sale. Sculptures, and paintings. And, by far, my favorite--photography. The really good kind that professionals take. The whole place was a building of inspiration. I loved it.

Oh. This, well, this shows perfectly how crowded it was. Omigoodness.

By the way, we found SPAMVILLE! And, ahem, I sat in the thrown of SPAM. Thankyouverymuch.

In case you were wondering, we did get fair food. Because what's the fair without it? Our choice was Fresh French Fries. The most delicious fries on the block. No, in the state. Oh bother, IN THE WORLD! Try them. They are a must.

The rest of our day was filled with randomness.
Such as hugging large ears of corn...

Scoping out the largest pumpkin (1036 IBS. Incase you were wondering.)...

Finding vintage scales...

Ate yummy cookies...

(Yes, this photo is blurry, and I'm making a creepy face, but hey, I get excited around these things!)

And ending the day with a talent show. (No, I didn't participate, silly!) We sat high up in the bleachers and enjoyed the singing/dancing/juggling/beat-boxing. Oh, and I took some pretty cool pictures while I was up there.

By the time I climbed in bed last night, my feet were sore, my eyelids were heavy, but most of all, I had a great time with my family. :D

(P.S. Tomorrow is my first day of high school! Wish me luck.)

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  1. It was a perfect day. And you are so ready for h.s. Love you, sugar.