Monday, August 30, 2010

100 Blessings (Part 3)

I'm back with week 3 of 100 Blessings! (Sorry it's late, I've been really busy.) :)

51. I didn't get stung by any bees while mowing the lawn {if you read my last post, you know what I mean :D}
52. sunflower seeds make softball *this* much better
53. I live in America
54. fresh, white notebooks and shiny new shoes come with the first day of school
55. I can see life, smell life, hear life, feel life, taste life, live life
56. my mother is a fellow blogger at the both and along with 2 others :)
57. I can wear makeup, but don't always need to
58. even though I'm skinny, I can still find jeans that fit me at my favorite store *wink wink, nudge nudge*
59. I have this computer
60. ikea is only 45 minutes away (with traffic)...
61. ...and one of the greatest malls is next door :)
62. I don't get breakouts (I know, I know... this should be somewhere in the top 10)
63. even though I'm no comedian (and do not foresee my own sitcom in the near future), some people are
64. I have 6 followers :)
65. a huge, hot-pink chair recently entered my room
66. I have to get up early tomorrow and babysit.... but I'm getting paid :)
67. neon laces make every shoe look so much hotter
68. I can change my style whenever I want
69. football makes no sense to me, but I'll still watch it
70. elephants are comforting...
71. ...and I have some 49 of them (plush of course!)
72. vintage is creeping its way into my room
73. I am no longer addicted to farmville (yay!)
74. for lent, I went off sugar... and I survived!
75. 25 more blessings are coming next week!


  1. ALEX a blog is so perfect for u! u r an amazing writer and it's so fun to see ur photography on here! i love you and im really glad to see ur having fun with this blog :)

  2. Cool blog, Alex! {He He}

    Alex @