Sunday, February 27, 2011

and the winner is


Congratulations and thanks so much for entering. Please email me so we can work the details out!

I am embarrassed to say that only two entered - TWO! C'mon guys, what's up with that? I would appreciate it if you could provide feedback in the poll on the right. I would love to do lots more giveaways but its totally not worth it if no one enters.

My handsome, young cousin (whom I love dearly). Photo by me (I was too lazy to watermark it...).

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend,
Charming Elephant


  1. I think I missed it on my dashboard...otherwise I would have for sure entered :) Sorry about that...I know how it feels. My one attempt at a giveaway had two people enter- one of them being my sister. Better luck next time!

    xx, katie.

  2. Charming Elephant!!!!!
    I LOOOOOOOOVE the picture of your cousing!
    It's simply beautiful!! Where was it taken?
    I miss you,
    your ever faithful cyan fly

  3. Goodness, I thought I had entered into your giveaway and I must've forgotten! I am soooo sorry!

  4. well. know i've never been good at 50/50. it was those tests with all that T/F that really got the better of me...guess it happened again!