Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Annual Christmas Party

Every year, two of my best friends, Erin and Sonia, come over and enjoy a few presents, treats, and laughs with me. We call this our Christmas party.

I set up my mini Christmas tree and neatly piled the gifts underneath--still leaving space for the others yet to come.
This year, to start off the party, we did something a little different from last time--crafts. You see, my mom has lots of cute, little trinkets that are perfect for making necklaces, and bracelets, and magnets. How could we resist from the little scrabble letters that would look so cute as magnets in our rooms? :)
Photo via Mom
After about half-an-hour of intense crafting, we decided to start our favorite sugar-snack--puppy chow, the 'peanut butter, chocolate, and powdered sugar'-y treat. 
It was good. :)

We did lots of other fun-filled activities too, but I was only able to catch a good chunk of the party through the lens. We played outside in the knee-high piles of snow, talked for long periods of time, and wrote a few short stories.

But the best part, by far, was when the clock struck five, because that was, really, when the party started. We prepared a wonderful dinner, which consisted of rotisserie chicken, green beans, and pickle wraps--most of which was homemade, except, of course, the chicken. After dinner, we started the peanut butter blossom cookies.
Our favorite part of making these each year is listening to the crunch sound they make when you push the kisses into the cookie.
With our tummies full of chicken and beans, we ran to my room for the presents--the moment we had all been waiting for. (I would have taken pictures of the actual moment, but my room is so pink and orange, that there is a weird glow at night that makes the pictures all weird.) Want to see what I got? :D
Next we prepared my room for the final few hours of our night with sleeping bags and blankets galore. Then we ran back to the kitchen a whipped up a platter full of popcorn, puppy chow, peanut butter blossoms, fruit, pomegranate Izze drinks, and a few other cookies from around the house. Once we were settled in to our little 'den', we plugged in the DVD player and turned on 'Flipped'--the world's cutest movie ever.

We were supposed to watch 'Elf' afterwards, but we didn't. Instead, we watched 'Flipped', again.

Yeah, we're just that obsessed. :D

Overall, we had a really. good. time. I enjoyed hanging out with such great friends and sharing such great laughs.

Have you had any parties lately?


One more thing.

Check out the awesome chain reaction my brother came up with using a few hot-wheels tracks and dominos!


  1. What a fun party! We haven't have any yet, but tomorrow we are having some family over to celebrate my birthday, and for Christmas we are going to my Grandma's. I haven't seen Flipped, but we have to check it out, it sounds like it's really good!
    Happy Holidays,

  2. BTW: Tell your brother that his dominoes are awesome!

  3. Sooooo fun to see what you girls come up with for your parties. I love how much thought and planning you put into the fun little details. And I love how much you enjoy yourselves!

    And did I mention that your photos are AMAZING?!

  4. i love our parties! you definitely did this one justice. LOVE the photo of sonia shaking the puppy chow. made me laugh out loud :)