Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How do I follow?

In the past month, word has gotten out about Charming Elephant (yay!), and I've had several comments on my writing and photography (double yay!). But when I asked them to follow, they had not a clue what to do. So, dear readers who are not yet followers, please, take a moment out of your day to complete these 6 simple steps to becoming an Official Charming Elephant Follower! (*Cheers*)

1. Find the followers subheading and click 'follow'.
2. Click the 'Google' button. Yes, I know it says 'sign in using an account you've already created', but you gotta trust me people--we're getting there.

3. Click 'Create an account now'. (See? I told you!)
4. Enter Information.

5. Enter more information.

6. Make a name, upload a photo, follow publicly, and VIOLA! You are now a follower of Charming Elephant.

Just a couple updates:
-Check out the poll on the side (and don't forget to vote!)
-Please spread the word of this blog, I would love to reach 100 followers by January, at least. :D
-Operation Beautiful is coming up! Do me a favor and participate--guarantee it will make someone's day.
-You guys are all so great--thanks for following!

Oh, and one last thing. I just thought I'd give a shout out to a couple school friends... you know who you are. :D


  1. yay, I am officially a follower!

  2. aoux! finally figured out the comment thing. I MISS YOU! can't wait till monday to see you!