Saturday, September 4, 2010

End of Summer Project

Ooo... you guys are lucky! 2 posts in one day! Hehe, I'm just messin' with ya--the first one doesn't count. :D
It wasn't until Thursday that I is the. last. day. of. summer. at. home.

The last day to make my summer of 2010 worth it.

So I took one quick glance around my room for any project. Just one.

One that will take hours. A whole day even.

Then I saw it.

The bulletin board that's been screaming PAINT ME WHITE!!! for months now.

So I picked it up and brought it downstairs... (Which wasn't easy considering it's almost as tall as me--and I'm tall :))

Got all the materials...

And took some not-so-great pictures with self-timer of me.

So that was my end-of-summer project. I think it adds a nice little *ting* to my warm days...

(It's actually still in the basement asking for another coat... I'll get to it, someday :))


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