Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Before & After

I spent the whole day yesterday babbling about how excited I was for the afternoon. I had an appointment for a haircut at 4 and it couldn't come fast enough. To make the time pass, I brought a couple magazines, filled with one style I just couldn't draw my eyes from--bangs. Maybe it's the vintage-y look they seem to carry on every one who wears them, or it could be the simplicity of it all, but I'm pretty sure it's my childhood sneaking its way back into today.

I had bangs for the first 9 years of my life--it was then I decided I hated them. Ever since then, my mom has told me 'you would look so cute with bangs', and I've been without them. (Do you sense my rebellion in our relationship? Ha, just kidding.) Then, suddenly, fashion changed and so did I, because it hit me like a steel train--I want those 9-year-old bangs, NOW!

I got my wish.

Oh, and who's lovin' the new look--I am!

Don't ever be afraid to try something new, because sometimes, the beauty is in the risk.


  1. LOVE the new bangs. You have my official thumbs up. Way to be so brave. You are a doll.

  2. You look AMAZING!!!!! I love your hairdo, so so much. aaaand, I love your blog even more. :)